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The Choir membership is constantly changing as members retire or move to other parts of the country and so we are always looking to recruit new members. The only requirement for membership is that you have a commitment to want to sing well and have a sense of fun and enjoyment. You do not even have to be able to read music, nor have performed in public. We do however require a simple voice test and a good attendance level at rehearsals.


We practise in St Mary’s Church, Kidderminster on Tuesdays in the Chantry and Thursdays in the Main Church from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m.


After passing your voice test, which takes place about six weeks after your first rehearsal, you will be welcomed as a fully fledged member. When it is considered that sufficient learning of the repertoire has taken place you will be encouraged to join us on stage for our concerts.


We have a thriving social life which includes concert trips abroad as well as in the UK. We also include golf, walking, social nights, trips to various hostelries where we perform our famous “afterglows” which are relaxed singing sessions to entertain customers.


Many of our members were uncertain about joining a male choir before approaching us, fearing that it would be too difficult to learn the repertoire. Have no worries!! You will be well looked after and welcomed by some of the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet in your life. So come on!! Give it a go and take the first step by contacting us.


So, how do you go about joining? Well if you attend one of our concerts just approach one of the choir and he will make sure that you are contacted by our membership secretary.


Alternatively, you can contact us and we will be in touch. Of course if you already know a choir member let him know of your interest!

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