German Tour August 2019

Welcome to Germany decending at 25000ft

32500 ft

over the Mozel at 26000ft

over the Rhine at 11000ft


River Severn

Missing in Transit

Between Breaths !

Your Breakfast Table.

Robin presenting our shield to the Chair lady from the Female Choir in Dachsenhausen

See the Uniform Officer for a new Tie Please ?

Marksburg Castle

Hotel Schloss Rudesheim

The Fines Manager and His Jury

St Florin’s Church, Koblenz

Bad Ems Bandstand Again

The Hotel Terrace

Tony Bridgewater our Principal Musician.

Asbach Distillery

Hotel Schloss Rudesheim again

Bad Ems Bandstand

The Wine Dept


Its a Hard Quiz

Three Monkeys

Guess the David Question and Win.

Things you see when you ain’t got a Gun ?

No Comment Needed

Take a look below for your Hotel Toot Toot View (Open 24Hrs)

Baritones Relaxing with Castle A in the Background

A Typical German Street Market Scene

A Walk with a View over Rudesheim and Assmanshausen

The Vice Shop

Prepare to Sing! With Copies!

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